Letters From God–Book of Ephesians 6:1-9


My child, I want to speak with you about the relationship between parents and their children and between workers and those in authority over them.

Children, you are to obey your parents as the result of your relationship with Me for this is right.  As an expression of your love for your parents you are to honor them with respect, reverence and obedience.  This is My first commandment and it is filled with promise of well being and length of life.

Parents, don’t provoke your children through unjust, improper treatment which angers the child so that they cannot honor and obey you in obedience to My commands for them.  Bring them up in My teachings and disciplines by word and example.

Workers (servants), obey them that are over you according to the flesh with fear and trembling because of their discipline.  Obey them in singleness of heart and not just when it pleases you.  Do it in obedience to Me.  Don’t obey them just when they are observing you as pleasing them; but obey them as My servants, doing My will from the heart; with good will as a service to Me and not to men.  Know this, that whatever good thing you do will be given you by Me no matter who you are.

Those in authority (Masters), you are to do the same things unto them under your authority.  You are not to be threatening them, knowing that I am in heaven and there is no respect of persons with Me.  Just because you are in a position of authority does not mean that I will not deal with you as I would with them.  Ephesians 6:1-9