In Times Of Tribulation

Romans 12:12–Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.


Advice for when tribulation comes–These three things have an interlocking relationship.  They have a connection and are tied together to advance each other.

Be rejoicing in hope–In hard times we are to be rejoicing.  We are to be glad.  We are to have a feeling that what is wanted and needed, will come to pass.  Our hope is to cause us to delight in the midst of the situation.  We have access to God’s grace by faith wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope (Romans 5:2).

Be patient in tribulation–We are to endure with composure and without complaining, refusing to be provoked.  We are to persevere and not to loose it but to remain calm.

Be continuing instant in prayer–We are to go on in an attitude of prayer.  We are to be ready to pray in an instant. When things start to become difficult we should instantly enter into prayer.  Prayer focuses us on God as we communicate with Him and call Him to our side and aid.  Prayer helps us to be aware of God’s presence.

Prayer will help us to rejoice in hope.

Rejoicing in hope and prayer then will help us to be patient.