Acquaintance With God


Acquaintance with God is a need of mankind.

It means the difference between sight and being blind.

It is not enough to know Him second-hand.

Acquaintance with God has to be first hand.


One should know God personally.

One should know God directly.

One should know God intimately.

One should know God privately.


Knowing God is a very plain way.

Knowing God is a simple way.

Open your ears in order to receive.

Open you heart in order to believe.


Knowing God you’ll delight in Him.

Knowing God you’ll depend on Him.

Knowing God you’ll talk with Him.

Knowing God you’ll walk with Him.


Knowing God has many results,

And each brings with it the urge to exult.

It is to God that you belong,

And it is He, who will make you strong.


God will cause you in all things to thrive,

And in His strength you will survive.

He will cause you to be at peace,

For He shall give you the Prince of Peace.


God will give you eternal life,

Far away from stress and strife.

There for you He prepares a home,

From its door you shall never roam.


It is a place of many delights,

Of golden streets and other great sights.

You will glory and revel in all of them,

But the best of all, You’ll be with Him.


Jim Norman