It Is The Last Days

We are living in the last days,

The force of evil directs man’s ways.

From early morning to late at night,

Man marches on unmindful of his plight.


Caught as an animal in a snare,

Abiding in the devil’s lair.

Living each day without discretion,

Burning desire without natural affection.


Lovers of pleasure,

More than lovers of God.

Man staggers and stumbles,

Down his path he plods.


Bragging and boasting,

Consumed with pride.

Displaying his sin,

Never trying to hide.


Living his life,

By his own instruction.

While plunging and tumbling,

To his own destruction.


Is there any hope for mankind?

Is there any help that he can find?

His only chance lies not with man,

Salvation dwells within God’s plan.


Jesus died to set us free,

Giving new life to you and me.

Filling our life with ecstasy,

What will your decision be?


“Thanks be to God which gives us the victory

through our Lord Jesus Christ”.

1 Corinthians 15:57


Jim Norman