Jairus And His Daughter

Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, came and fell at Jesus’ feet,

Beseeching Jesus greatly he began to entreat.

“My little daughter at the point of death does lay.

Please come that she may live I pray”.


While they were on their way to this home,

Certain messengers from his home did come.

Thy daughter is dead we are sorry to say,

We’ve come to escort you home if we may.


Jesus heard them say that she was dead,

And watched the father as he hung his head.

Jesus spoke these words, this man to relieve,

“Be not afraid, but only believe”.


Jesus turned to Peter, James and John, These three,

Saying, “Come along and follow me”.

Arriving at the home they saw a great gathering,

They experienced the wailing, the grief and the hollering.


He said unto them, “Why make ye this ado, and weep”?

The damsel is not dead, but only asleep.

Weeping was turned into laughter in them,

As they all began to make fun of him.


He entered the room taking the girl by the hand.

He spoke to her and she began to stand.

Those present stared in complete astonishment,

As they beheld this great and wonderful accomplishment.


Mark 5:21-24; 35-42


Jim Norman