The Centurion and His Servant

Jesus was entering Capernaum one day,

When he heard a centurion guard to say,

“Lord, my servant at home is ill”.

And Jesus said, “I will come to heal”.


“I’m not worthy for you to enter my home”.

“There is no need for you to come”.

“You need only to speak in order to heal”.

The centurion said as he made his appeal.


“I am a man under authority,

And have soldiers working under me”.

“I understand authority,

Knowing it’s within your capacity”.


As I’ve traveled and looked around,

“Not in Israel such faith, have I found”.

“Go thy way, and as thou believe,

So it shall be done unto thee”.


With these words ringing in his ear,

He was traveling home and drawing near.

He was met on the road and to him was revealed,

His servant, the very same hour was healed.


Matthew 8:5-10



Jim Norman