The Cross of Jesus

The cross of Jesus appeared to be defeat,

But was only the door to the victory seat.

It was but a part of God’s great plan,

That He could deal with the sin of man.


The religious leaders attacked him offensively,

And in the end they came on aggressively.

He turned over his life of His own free will.

He faced his destiny and Him they did kill.


Jesus was devoted to the Father’s will,

Even as he laboriously marched up Calvary’s hill.

There He hung on the cross, calm and brave.

Soon they would lay Him in a rich man’s grave.


While the life blood flowed from His body,

His concern was not for himself, but for everybody.

Looking down from the cross, seeing those who were against Him,

He looked up to heaven, and said, “Father, forgive them”.


From His side came a desperate plea,

From a criminal tied also to the wood of a tree.

He turned his head and uttered his plea,

“When you come into your kingdom, remember me”.


Jesus in answer to the man’s request,

Gave him his answer, putting his mind at rest.

“Verily, verily I say unto thee,

Today in paradise you shall be with me”.


His attention was diverted back to the ground,

And the large mass of people who had gathered around.

He said to His mother, “Woman behold your son”.

“Behold your mother”, He spoke to John.


From the sixth to the ninth hour darkness covered the land,

It created quit a stir among those who were on hand.

About the ninth hour Jesus made a loud plea,

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me”.


Jesus, opened His mouth saying, “It is finished”,

All things by Him were now completed.

Then in full view of the gathered host,

He bowed His head and gave up the ghost.


John 19:16-30


Jim Norman