The First and Last Adam

In the first Adam, all mankind will die,

And in their grave they will ultimately lie.

In the last Adam, all mankind may live,

For it was He who came, His life to give.


In the first Adam, we have a physical life,

Full of conflict, division, and strife.

In the last Adam we have a spiritual life,

Living eternally together as His wife.


The first Adam was created from the soil of the earth.

He never experienced a physical birth.

The last Adam was created within Mary’s womb.

From which in the fullness of time He did come.


The first Adam came in weakness and was mortal.

Committing sin which proved to be fatal.

The last Adam came in strength and was immortal.

Committing no sin and entering heaven’s portal.


1 Corinthians 15:22-49


Jim Norman