Two Devil-Possessed Men

Jesus entered the country of the Gergesenes,

And the disciples experienced a mysterious scene.

There they met two possessed with devils,

Whose lives were filled many evils.


In the tombs they made their home,

And no one by this way would come.

Trembling, They began to make their inquiry,

“Jesus, What have we to do with thee?”


A good way off there were many swine feeding.

And so these devils began their pleading.

“Let us go into the herd of swine”,

They continued to plead and to whine.


Jesus cast them out and into the wine they did flee.

The whole herd ran violently and perished in the sea.

Those keeping the herd were overcome with fright,

As they beheld this tumultuous sight.


They ran to the city to tell these things,

And exciting other, them they did bring.

The whole city returned with them to meet this Jesus,

And they earnestly and urgently said, “Depart from us”.


Leaving in a boat, He was filled with pity,

For those who lived within this city.


Matthew 8:28-34


Jim Norman