A Day on the Beach

I stand here in silence; it is the dawn of day.

I feel the gentle wind and the moist ocean spray.

I’m on vacation; it is the middle of May.

It is to the beach that I’ve come to stay.


I’m entranced by the waves as they roll in slowly.

According to design, rolling in deliberately.

Over and over rolling in persistently.

As the sound of an orchestra, they roll in rhythmically.


I ease myself to the sand in leisure,

Overcome by the restfulness of this pleasure.

Free from labor, responsibility, and strain,

Serenity, and tranquility I begin to gain.


It flows over me, like a gentle wave of peace.

As anxiety, and stress, they begin to cease.

Ever so slowly they begin to drain.

And I’m almost feeling human again.


As I open my eyes, I can see the sun,

As it begins to make its daily run.

Higher and higher it travels through its arch,

Giving light and heat as it continues its march.


I rise up and lean upon on one hand,

Studying some children as they play in the sand.

With toys, a bucket and shovel in hand,

It is fun and games as they play in the sand.


I roll over to see the love of my life.

She too seems so free from all of life’s strife.

I ease back to recline in my restful position.

Life’s vitality is restored when I’m on vacation.


Jim Norman