My wife and I have some friends,

Who when we are with, our lives tend to blend.

We have traveled with them to many a place,

And have all enjoyed God’s amazing grace.


We’ve shared the majestic colors of fall,

And spent many an hour shopping in malls.

We’ve walked and played on the mountains in snow,

We’ve looked across the water and seen the suns glow.


We’ve flown to Costa Rica to enjoy a vacation,

And seen and experienced a coffee plantation.

We’ve observed the beauty of a rolling meadow.

We’ve hear and felt the rumble of a volcano.


We’ve spent a week of leisure on a houseboat,

On a lake in South Carolina we did float.

We’ve taken rides along the Blue Ridge Parkway,

While in North Carolina and Tennessee we did stay.


We’ve enjoyed many a good meal,

And spent time climbing and exploring a hill.

We’ve listened to the varied sounds of nature.

We’ve talked and planned for trips in the future.


We’ve shared some moments that were not so good,

Feeling emptiness and sorrow in death’s presence we’ve stood.

But the precious memories far out weigh the bad,

As I reflect on the many experiences we’ve had.




Jim Norman