Jerry’s Trip to the Zoo

It began on a morning much like this.

Jerry arose from bed in a state of bliss.

Filled with excitement about today,

He hurriedly dressed and was on his way.


Saying, “Hi” to his mother.

And “Hello” to his father.

He sat down to eat,

In his regular seat.


He glanced through the window to his right.

Outside the sun was shinning bright.

Oh what a wonderful day this would be,

With many amazing things to see.


He was thinking about what lay ahead,

When his mother said, “Go make your bed”.

He left the table and bumped into the door,

Trying to hurry and finish this chore.


Having finished this job he made a mad dash.

He was off to the kitchen to take out the trash.

Then with enthusiasm he rushed to the car,

Saying, “Thank God the zoo is not that far”.


As we entered the zoo,

He began to run.

Leaping and jumping,

And have much fun.


Off to his left and off to his right,

Trying to see each and every sight.

He saw the lions, the tigers, and the bears,

Watching them with awe and watching them with stares.


On and on he went,

Without even slowing down.

He hurried into a tent,

And bumped right into a clown.


It was a blessing just to watch his face,

As he continued on and kept up the pace.

The time rushed by at a very fast clip,

And before we knew it, it was the end of our trip.


Jerry settled down in the car’s back seat.

He was very tired and just plain beat.

His eyes became heavy and began to close.

It wasn’t long before he began to doze.


Arriving back at our home, there he lay,

To my surprise I enjoyed this day.

Opening the door I carried him in,

My brother and I’ll have to do this again. 


Jim Norman